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NP Vietnam Refrigeration Electrical Mechanical Joint Stock Company is an enterprise specializing in mechanical and electrical systems:

- Consult, design, and install ventilation and cooling systems for factories, buildings, and offices.

- Consulting on design and installation of industrial and civil air conditioning systems.

- Construction and installation of fire protection systems for buildings and factories

- Installation of electrical and water systems for factories and offices.

- Consulting on technology transfer in the field of mechanical processing equipment and industrial production.

- Trading in machinery, spare parts, supplies and technological equipment to serve the industry.

- Providing all kinds of technical services for installation, repair, replacement of spare parts, and industrial maintenance.

Vision, mission

NP Vietnam Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Joint Stock Company is always the leader in product lines in the field of ventilation and cooling in Vietnam. We create a favorable market for this product line by bringing quality products to all over the world. With a team of skilled technical staff and experienced project staff, dedicated to their work, with the motto:


We have full competitive capacity and won bids for large projects. The projects that the company constructs all meet the requirements for technique, quality, aesthetics and progress. Come to NP Vietnam, we are committed to providing customers with the best products and services.


- Become the leading provider of air conditioning and ventilation solutions in Vietnam

- It is the pride of customers when using products and services of NP - Vietnam


- Pioneering in the mission of providing optimal, comprehensive solutions for air conditioning through building a trustworthy and responsible brand

Vision, mission
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1000+ Customers trust and use the product
NP VIETNAM is always warm and enthusiastic in consulting, designing, and quoting customers to choose the best solution for customers, ensuring customer satisfaction when in operation. Proud to be a professional manufacturer, we are ready to meet all customers' needs in all fields: Industrial ventilation fans, Industrial steam fans, Centrifugal fans.
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Inheriting tradition and accumulating experience, constantly investing in innovating modern technological equipment, promptly applying advanced scientific and technical advances of the world, collaborating effectively and thoughtfully with customers and cooperating with customers. Comprehensive cooperation with material suppliers is the solution for quality products.
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